Robert Mislavsky

Assistant Professor of Marketing - Johns Hopkins University


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Premature Predictions: Accurate Forecasters Are Not Viewed as More Competent for Earlier Predictions

Robert Mislavsky, Celia Gaertig

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, vol. 153(1), 2024, pp. 159-170

Combining Probability Forecasts: 60% and 60% is 60%, but Likely and Likely is Very Likely

Robert Mislavsky, Celia Gaertig

Management Science, vol. 68(1), 2022, pp. 541-563

Creating Exercise Habits Using Incentives: The Tradeoff between Flexibility and Routinization

John Beshears, Hae Nim Lee, Katherine Milkman, Robert Mislavsky, Jessica Wisdom

Management Science, vol. 67(7), 2021, pp. 4139-4171

Critical Condition: People Only Object to Corporate Experiments If They Object to a Condition

Robert Mislavsky, Berkeley Dietvorst, Uri Simonsohn

Marketing Science, vol. 39(6), 2020, pp. 1092-1104

When Risk is Weird: Unexplained Transaction Features Lower Valuations

Robert Mislavsky, Uri Simonsohn

Management Science, vol. 64(11), 2018, pp. 5395-5404

Working Papers

Other Publications

Research ‘arms race’ among plastic surgery residency applicants: When is good enough ‘good enough’?

Eric L. Wan, Thomas Stirrat, Robert Mislavsky, Richard J. Redett III

Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive, & Aesthetic Surgery, vol. 82, 2023, pp. 198-199

The Minimum Mean Paradox: A Mechanical Explanation for Apparent Experiment Aversion

Robert Mislavsky, Berkeley Dietvorst, Uri Simonsohn

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 116(48), 2019, pp. 23883-23884

Want-Should Conflict: A Synthesis of Past Research

T. Bradford Bitterly, Robert Mislavsky, Hengchen Dai, Katherine Milkman

The Psychology of Desire, Wilhelm Hofmann, Loran Nordgren, 2015